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Moringa Leaf Capsules From The Moringa Tree

  • Moringa Zinga, 500 mg, in an all vegetarian capsule.

  • Contains just the most potent, pure, powdered moringa leaf. No fillers of any kind!

Moringa Oleifera capsules sold by Moringa USA are 100% pure moringa from the Moringa Tree. There are no fillers or by products in our capsules. As a nutritional supplement, the pure powdered leaf in powdered form as sold here, as Moringa Oleifera capsules have been known throughout history for increasing energy, stamina, endurance and mental clarity when taken as a regular part of daily diet.

There is no doubt that the Moringa Oleifera tree yields leaf that is the source of incredible health benefits. It's the ultimate, natural, organic, energy and endurance health supplement. There is plenty of information on this web site and others (click on "Resources & Videos" on the page bottom menu bar) to describe these benefits.

India's ancient tradition of ayurveda medicine sites 300 diseases that are treated with the powdered leaf of the tree. Gram for gram, the leaf contains:

  • 7 times the vitamin C in oranges
  • 4 times the calcium in milk
  • 4 times the vitamin A in carrots
  • 2 times the protein in milk
  • 3 times the potassium in bananas

Pure powdered capsules are organic and safe. There are no known side effects. It is gentle enough to be given to babies in Africa to overcome malnourishment. Professional athletes ingest the capsules in mega doses to improve their performance mentally and physically. It is a natural, non-toxic performance-enhancing alternative to harmful Human Growth Hormone and other steroids. Moringa Tree products are great for people of all ages, especially oldsters who are losing their alertness. A short video can be viewed online by clicking on the "Resources & Videos" link on the page bottom menu bar.

Although there have been references to the Moringa Oleifera Tree that go back a couple thousand years, and the World Health Organization has been studying and using the powdered leaf for the last forty years as a low cost health enhancer in the poorest countries around the world, there is a reason why its still relatively unknown. The sale of all forms of vitamins, minerals, and health supplements is a big business. If you were a company selling hundreds of nutritional products, why would you sell one product that could potentially wipe out all your other products! This is true for the pharmaceutical industry as well. These industries, with huge marketing budgets, would rather the general public remains ignorant about the amazing capsules from the moringa tree.

We are not a multi-level marketing company like the one that sells a drink claiming to have the leaf as an ingredient along with many artificial additives. Instead, we bring you 100% pure powdered leaf capsules and we offer it for a reasonable price.

We don't scrimp on quality either. We scoured the world to find the best organic moringa tree farmers on the planet. The leaves must be grown, harvested, and dried properly. We spend lots of money doing potency testing on various samples from suppliers around the world, including the best in America. We know our capsules can't be beat. There are other vendors selling products at lower prices but not one can match our quality. We guarantee it.

We are seeking to improve the health of people around the world. And, that's why we sell capsules in its pure, powdered form. You should begin your research at our "Moringa Zinga Benefits" page by clicking on the link at the tabs bar above. We also invite you to become a member of our Moringa Zinga community. Membership is free to all interested in learning more about our Zinga capsules.

We appreciate your business!

National Institute of Health (NIH): March 21, 2008 says "Used as medicine by native peoples to prevent or treat over 300 diseases. Additional scientific studies are needed to confirm its effectiveness for these traditional uses." ( "its" is referring to Moringa Oleifera)

Moringa Pouch

Moringa USA stands by the following statement: No moringa capsules stored in a bottle can ever be as potent as those stored in a pouch.

Most people don't know that Moringa loses its potency very quickly due to exposure to air and light. The most potent Moringa grown loses 40% of its potency within two weeks of harvesting if not air and light protected and another 40% within six months. Moringa capsules that are sold in bottles aren't worth ingesting after six months of harvesting, no matter how potent the original source.

Our Moringa capsules are one of the few in the industry to be packaged within 24 hours of harvesting in a 100% oxygen free and light blocking pouch that you can reseal after opening.

You can SMELL THE DIFFERENCE! You can SEE THE DIFFERENCE in the clean, bright green, color of the pure powdered leaf ensuring that you have the highest quality, freshest, and most potent Moringa capsules on the market today.

Read more about the story of why an air and light limiting pouch for Moringa is so important.


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