Why Natural Organic Products are Better than Synthetic Alternatives

MoringaTo buy organic products or not, that is one of the major questions people ask themselves every time they go get food or health supplements.

This is not surprising seeing as we are bombarded daily with messages, ads, and programs aimed at showing us that organic natural products are far better than synthetic products. This is particularly reinforced when it comes to health supplements.

There’s the thought that the best sources of nourishment from supplements are from organic supplements. This is not surprising, seeing as the body is built for natural and organic materials. That said, the benefits of organic food supplements and products include

Little or No Side Effects

Organic foods naturally have little or no side effects. For example, no matter how much you consume vegetables or fruits, you will not suffer from any side effects. Sure, there are a few fruits that you may want to consume within reason – after all, it makes sense that there be moderation in everything you eat – but this doesn’t mean that they are dangerous and have terrible side effects.

No Questionable Chemical Ingredients

Nowadays, we are surrounded by chemicals. The soap we use contains synthetic chemicals, the clothes we wear are made from synthetic materials, so do the foods we eat and even the water we drink –excessive chlorine anyone? Let’s not forget about the soft drinks.

Bottom line, we are already ingesting things that contain too many synthetic materials. Organic products are usually produced in such a way that you never have to worry about any questionable synthetic ingredients. 

Aids Quicker Healing

Because the body naturally absorbs the ingredients and nutrients from organic products faster, the body is likely to heal up quickly if there’s an injury. For instance, organically produced Moringa Oleifera trees are known for their immune system boosting quality and the ability to eliminate free radicals.

This is because the plant is rich in antioxidants. As you probably know, a body that can control or get rid of the huge amount of free radicals in it will most assuredly live longer, combat aging and stay healthy for a long, long time.

Most organic supplements like the Moringa can boost your metabolism, helping you lose weight, stay healthy and live a long healthy, disease-free life.

Doesn’t Require too Much of the Body’s Resources to Process it

Foods with synthetic materials in them tend to stress and take a toll on the body. For instance, excess soda intake can cause diabetes, weight gain, and kidney problems to mention a few. Water, on the other hand, has never done anything but enrich and nourish our bodies.

The same goes for fresh squeezed orange juice or fruit juices. As long as the nutrient source is not tainted by synthetic materials, the body is often able to handle it easily. Another good example is hydroquinone in body creams that has been identified as carcinogenic.

Interestingly papaya and bananas can produce the same skin nourishment and lightening that hydroquinone used to. However, in this case, without the necessary side effects. This shows that our bodies were not built for synthetic products.

No Possibility of Overdosing

Have you ever heard of anyone overdosing on fruits like carrots or other veggies? That is right. No one has. Now, have you heard of people overdosing or suffering extreme side effects from people taking synthetic drugs like vitamin A and overdosing on them and suffering severe side effects? You bet.

A good example is the natural source of vitamin A – carrots. No one has ever suffered horrible side effects or overdosed on it. However, synthetic vitamin A has resulted in child retardation and birth defects in women; and overdosing on it means certain death. Go figure.

So, stop abusing your body with synthetic products.  Take more organic supplements –particularly Moringa – if you want to be in excellent health and fight off infections. It is really the best thing to do for your body.

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