Top Fitness Trackers

If your goal for 2015 is to get healthy and fit, you may be considering the purchase of a mobile fitness tracker. There are several different fitness trackers on the market now, making it difficult to choose the right one amidst all the different styles, brands and options. We’ve compiled a list of the top 6 fitness trackers to make your decision easier.

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Fitbit Charge HR:
The Fitbit Charge HR continuously monitors your heart rate. The Fitbit Charge HR also takes extremely accurate measurements of your activity and the calories you burn. It also keeps track of the minutes that you are active, the steps you take, and even monitors your sleep. The OLED screen can show you the daily statistics it collects, and even caller ID for your phone.

2. Runtastic Orbit:
Like most fitness trackers, the Runtastic Orbit monitors the steps you take, your sleep, and the calories you’ve burned in your activities. However, the Runtastic Orbit is connected to the Runtastic Orbit app, and will display the information from your run right on your wrist. The Orbit is also waterproof up to 300 feet.

3. Basis Peak:
The Basis Peak monitors the usual calories you burn, sleep quality and steps you take, but it also displays your heart rate right on your wrist as you exercise. The Basis Peak also has automated Bluetooth syncing and a Gorilla Glass screen that features gesture recognition.

4. Jawbone UP Move:
At only $49.99, the Jawbone UP Move fitness tracker is the most budget friendly, while still delivering on the features. The touch of a button will put the Jawbone UP Move into its tracking mode. Through the Jawbone app, you can assign an exercise (Zumba, running, yoga, etc.) to the activity it’s monitored, giving a good overview of the exercises you are doing and the calories you’re burning.

5. Garmin Vivosmart:
The Vivosmart is a sleek combination of a smartwatch and a fitness tracker. It will vibrate when you have notifications such as email or phones calls. It will also display steps, calories, distance and time of day. It even has an inactivity alert that will let you know if you’ve been still for too long.

6. Sony Smartband Talk:
The Sony Smartband has a unique E-ink feature, making it easier on the eyes and less taxing on the battery life than a typical screen would. It will also measure how far you go, as well as how high you may go, if your sport or exercise includes climbing. If you are a visual person, the visual goal tracker graphic gives you a clear idea of where you stand in your progress.

A fitness tracker that keeps track of activity, calories and sleep patterns can be a tremendous help to anyone on a fitness journey, whether you are just starting out or perfecting your game. Consider choosing a fitness tracker from the list we’ve compiled, it might just give you the extra boost you need to improve your overall health and fitness.

Photo credit: Drongowski / Foter / CC BY

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