New Spa Treatments using Moringa Oleifera Oil

While the nutrition and water purification benefits of Moringa Oleifera are well known, the relaxation and rejuvenation possibilities that Moringa Oleifera can provide are also gaining worldwide acclaim. Two new spa rituals provided at an exotic resort in western Africa are examples of treatments that shows Moringa’s soothing power. With the popularity of these new treatments, other spas are sure to follow and incorporate Moringa Oleifera oil into their treatments offerings too.

On the white beaches of Tanzania lies world famous The Residence Zanzibar. The property is comprised of 66 private villas that collectively form one of the most beautiful and tranquil resorts on the island known as “Spice Island”. The guests that stay at The Residence Zanzibar have access to The Spa, where they can receive all the treatments they desire to restore and relax their bodies.

Massages, saunas, and a choice of six different treatment pavilions are just the tip of the rejuvenation iceberg. The Spa at The Residence Zanzibar offers unique, one-of-a-kind spa treatments using the oil of the Moringa Oleifera tree. Their treatments, called ila spa treatments, offer two massages, the Tree of Life ritual and the Yemaya ritual. According to their website, “‘ila’, which means ‘Earth’ in Sanskrit, illustrates that the spa is “passionate about the power of nature as the source of real wellness, using only the finest natural plant and mineral ingredients”.

The massage uses a blend of essential oils, called the “African tree of life” blend. This oil concoction contains Silky Baobab oil extracted from the seeds of the Adansonia tree, enriched Argan oil, and of course, Moringa Oleifera oil which is rich in phytonutrients. These phytonutrients provide health promoting antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Moringa Oleifera oil helps to fight free radicals that can cause skin tissue damage, thus rejuvenating dull, tired and aging skin.

The Tree of Life ritual is made specifically for men. As it begins, the initial step is a vital energy body scrub, which invigorates the skin. Then, an adaptogenic herbal liver pack is applied to the body, which is intended to cleanse and purify the liver. Last but not least, a massage to relax the muscles.

For women, there is the Yemaya ritual, which is very similar to the Tree of Life ritual but is geared towards a feminine energy. The Yemaya also begins with a body scrub that exfoliates and invigorates, followed by the herbal liver pack and then the African tree of life oil massage.

One of the greatest advantages of Moringa Oleifera oil is that it restores vitality to your skin. This blend of oils, combined with the massage, gives the unique benefits of Moringa Oleifera directly into the body in a way that both relaxes and nurtures. These rituals show the versatility of Moringa Oleifera. As well as being a part of your healthy diet or water purification process, Moringa Oleifera oil provides health benefits through the power of calming and rejuvenating massage.

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