Moringa Oleifera Seeds Used in Mining

Moringa Oleifera, the well-known superfood, is now expanding its uses well beyond exceptional nutrition or healthy oils. It looks like the “miracle” tree is even more miraculous than previously thought.

Moringa Oleifera leaves, seeds and pods contain complete nutrition, which is why they are used to fight hunger and malnutrition in third world countries. They also keep exceptionally well and are a cheap and readily available oil source, additional reasons why Moringa Oleifera is helpful in places where people are suffering from malnutrition.

Recently, it’s come to light that Moringa Oleifera is actually capable of purifying water, something that greatly benefits areas of the world with limited access to clean drinking water. The crushed Moringa Oleifera seeds bind to the particles and impurities in the water, which in turn makes it possible to get the impurities out of the water after settling and straining. Clean drinking water is something that is vital for good health.

The latest Moringa Oleifera benefit digs into a completely different arena – mining. A study, led by Professor Adrian Rennie which was published in the Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, suggests that the crushed seeds of the Moringa Oleifera tree can be manipulated to separate different materials in the mining process.

Separation processes are a vital part of the mining industry. When done accurately, the maximum amount of valuable material can be separated from the undesirable materials. Because the protein in crushed Moringa Oleifera seeds binds to impurities and particles, scientists are learning to tweak the detergents so the protein can bind to mining waste materials.

Testing was done by adding detergents to the bound protein from the crushed Moringa Oleifera seeds. Different detergents made it possible to separate different materials, giving Moringa Oleifera separation an extremely wide range of possibilities. Professor Rennie said “‘combining the protein with detergents offers new ways to use this natural material in mineral industries.”

This especially affects the types of mining done in countries where Moringa Oleifera grows. Having a natural, local, non-synthetic resource to use in mining separation processes is a tremendously valuable resource in countries that would otherwise have to spend money on importing man-made separating chemicals.

Moringa Oleifera is a drought tolerant, hardy tree that can be grown in a variety of conditions. Between the nutritional benefits of Moringa Oleifera, the water purifying capabilities, and now playing a vital role in the mining process it’s hard to think of a tree or plant that even comes close to having the variety and quantity of benefits and capabilities of Moringa Oleifera.

Now Moringa Oleifera will not only provide complete, readily available nutrition in places where health and proper sustenance are not easily obtained, it will also boost the local economy with its new role in the mining industry by replacing expensive, synthetic chemicals with its more natural separation process. It’s clear that Moringa Oleifera should not be relegated to the status of the latest nutritional fad or buzzword. Moringa Oleifera can and does benefit a lot of people, now in more ways than ever before.

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