Beautiful Hair with Moringa Oleifera

Everyone knows that the leaves and pods of the Moringa Oleifera tree are saturated with vitamins that are great for your overall health. What many people may not know is that the very vitamins that keep your body healthy can also improve your appearance, especially your hair.

If you have nutritional deficiencies, not only will your overall well-being suffer, but the health of your hair can suffer as well. Dandruff, split ends, breakage and dullness are all manifestations of nutrient deficiency. This is why proper nutrition is not only important to your overall health but your hair health as well.

Here are the various vitamins, minerals and amino acids that promote hair health.

● Vitamin A: Moringa Oleifera is full of vitamin A, a vitamin that promotes hair growth and strength. Because vitamin A is the foundation for the growth of healthy cells and body tissues, it extends this role to hair as well, and can prevent breakage and hair loss.
● Zinc: The zinc in Moringa Oleifera encourages hair growth due to its positive effects on the body’s immune function. Combined with vitamin A and silica, zinc keeps the sebaceous glands (which produces sebum) working properly. Your hair needs the proper amount of sebum in order to keep it shiny and protected.
● Vitamin E: Vitamin E is responsible for good blood flow in the body and around your scalp. Having good circulation around the scalp makes it easier for your hair follicles to absorb the nutrients that they need to be healthy and beautiful.
● Vitamin B: Hair loss is typically due to a lack of vitamin B, especially B6 and folic acid. Moringa Oleifera is rich in various B vitamins which will preserve follicle strength and prevent hair loss.
● Calcium: Calcium has many important roles to play in your health, but one lesser known function calcium assists with is to help the body secrete hormones and enzymes. By having calcium in your diet, your body can secrete the androgen necessary for hair growth, as well as the biotin you need for healthy and strong hair.
● Potassium: Potassium can help remove excess sodium from your system. Sodium can block your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, including your hair. By adding Moringa Oleifera powder to your diet, you are boosting your potassium intake which gives your hair the ability to absorb the nutrients it needs to be healthy, shiny and strong.

The benefit of Moringa Oleifera for your hair does not need to be restricted to simply being a part of your diet. Moringa Oleifera oil directly applied to the hair will improve its strength and health, reducing split ends and reducing dandruff. Through this direct application, the follicles and scalp can directly absorb the nutrients that keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

The benefits of Moringa Oleifera for your body and appearance are many. Getting a full dose of A, B, and E vitamins, calcium, potassium and zinc will not only keep your body systems running smoothly, it can also keep your skin and hair healthy. By adding Moringa Oleifera to your diet, you benefit your body’s overall health, as well as the health and beauty of your hair.

Photo credit: betsyjons / Foter / CC BY-SA

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