A Condensed List of Benefits Provided by Moringa Oleifera


In the past, herbal medicine lacked the acceptance it now has today. Now, its use and potency has drawn the attention of both orthodox medicine and the general audience. There are a good number of alternative remedies, but not many have the qualities that Moringa Oleifera has.

As a supplement, it is said to be effective in treating many ailments and diseases, hence the reasons it is often called the “Miracle Tree”. Moringa has a rather impressive efficacy on specific health-based problems and general health challenges. This includes its medicinal use as a supplement as well as the fact that it doubles as a herb with high nutritional value and medicinal benefits.

Moringa contains an excellent range of essential minerals as well as being a good source of vitamins, proteins, amino acids that are important for the proper functions in the body. There are a good number of ways in which Moringa can be used.

Immune Boosting

The body needs a strong defense system against external and internal invasions of harmful microorganisms. Moringa helps to boost immunity by protecting the body against invasion by dangerous microorganisms while also fighting antibodies. Moringa is an all-natural, safe supplement that has little or no side effects and can be taken by anyone. 

Gets Rid of Free Radicals and Toxins

Moringa is said to contain about 46 antioxidants and 92 nutrients. Free radicals and toxins (built over time in the body) are a major cause of most deadly diseases like cancer and heart disease. The use of Moringa is said to help the body flush the system of such toxins and free radicals, thus helping the body stay in great shape and excellent health.

Combats Malnutrition

In most developing countries, Moringa is used as a defense against malnutrition. According to The National Geographic Society, The United Nations World Food Program and notable humanitarian outfits, Moringa is recognized as an amazing source of nutrition and dietary supplement. A teaspoonful of powdered Moringa daily augments your diet and supplies the necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins that your body needs.

Peak Energy Levels

Moringa helps to increase vitality and energy especially when the body is fatigued or stressed. Many athletes all around the world employ the use of Moringa to keep their bodies in peak shape, this improving their performance on the tracks. It does this by increasing the mental and physical strength of athletic individuals. Athletes can also take some Moringa capsules or tea when they are tired as it has the potential for replenishment and refreshment.

Promotes Healthy Circulation and Digestion

Moringa aids general blood circulation and digestive processes. Also, it helps to promote a healthy internal environment by supporting and maintaining normal hormonal levels.

Treatment of Organic Dysfunction

Moringa pods have the potential of strengthening liver functions. If eaten raw, the pods are said to help to de-worm the system. It can also be used to treat spleen and liver problems as well as reduce joint pains.

Antibiotic and Anti-inflammatory Functions

The seed of Moringa may be used to treat inflammatory ailments such as arthritis, boils, STDs, and rheumatism. Also, the antibiotic properties of Moringa aids the healing process of bacterial or fungal infections. In a unique way, the seed oil of Moringa helps in keeping the kidneys in top shape.

Sexual and Reproductive Health

The medicinal benefit of Moringa leaves are immense. For instance, its seed drumsticks are used as sexual virility medications for men with erectile dysfunction and helps prolongs sexual activity for men and women.

Remedy for Cold

In villages and temperate environments, Moringa is said to help in the treatment of cough. When the flower is boiled, and the effusions used to make tea, Moringa warms up the system and directly fights cold. More, the flower of juice of Moringa aids to solve urinary and bladder problems. For lactating mothers, Moringa juice highly improves the production and “supply” of breast milk.

Treatment of Headaches and Fever

When ground to a pulp, Moringa leaves can be rubbed on the temple or forehead to relieve headaches. It can also be used to treat fever, malaria, eye and ear infections, bronchitis and inflammation of the mucus membrane.

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